Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Title Necessary

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Frank Noschese said...

Cool! It's metric time:

What time is it on each clock?
How much time has elapsed?
How fast do the "minute" and "hour" hands sweep around the clock in degrees/sec or radians/sec. How many times faster/slower is this than our ABT clocks?

How about making an animation that shows and MT clock side-by-side with an ABT clock?

Or set 2 metronomes: one to keep time every second for a MT clock, the other for an ABT clock?


Anonymous said...

There's something eerie about it being zero o'clock. Zero hundred hours doesn't bother me (00:00) but just a solitary zero at the top of the clock had me distracted with thoughts of "the zero hour" (WWII radio broadcast from Imperial Japan of demoralizing propaganda). I kept looking at the river wondering if it was rising. Maybe some smiley faces and buttercups would counter the subliminal ominous-ness ;)