Monday, December 5, 2011

Iron Sharpens Iron

Based on the feedback I've received in the comments and on Twitter, I have an updated version of this applet.  Linda has also created a screencast that will probably prove to be way more cogent than my attempt at describing the process.

Thanks to @jk_herbert@mrhodotnet@MrPicc112@mrautomatic and @mathhombre for the suggestions on Twitter.

Updated version addresses the following:

  • Writing equation given slope and y-intercept places less cognitive demand on a student than writing the equation based on the graph. Levels 3 and 4 have been switched. 
  • Points and answers can't be changed after answer has been submitted.  
  • A running total has been added so student and teacher can view overall performance.  
  • Correct answer shown once answer is submitted giving immediate feedback to students on all levels.
There were also a couple of suggestions that were already embedded in the applet.  There is a "reset" and "go to next level" button that can be accessed in the object properties.  Double clicking on the applet should open it in a separate window which will allow you to save as well as make any changes you'd like.  

Updated Applet

Update (12/6/11): Here is a version for student practice that includes both the "Reset" and "Next Level" buttons.  

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